A veritable hell hole in the pandemonium Europe has become, London has regained its status as a major port of commerce after the nuclear bombings which ruined its former glory as the gates of hell opened. The heat of the city melts together immigrants from all over the ruins of Europe, forging bonds stronger than steel and thicker than blood. To survive on the streets of this new London, one needs a group of trustworthy allies, quick feet, and quicker wits. Even then, the abominations emerging from the depths of the destroyed underground may catch the resourceful cutter unprepared. For no mortal may truly prepare themselves to face the depravity of the hells, or of their most loyal followers.

This game is a story of survival on these mean streets. Can a ragtag group of newcomers find themselves a hole to call home, or will they succumb to the corruption of man and fiend alike? In this crossfire, no means of survival is banned, and mayhap the characters will find that the price of their humanity is a tariff those entering London simply must pay.

Shadow Nations: Gangs of New London

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