The Unrelenting



Captain Edward Newgate, Marshall Teach


Farnborough, Fleet


‘We are the spine.’


Reinforced spine


Often sport elaborate beards, prefer leather clothes and as many bits of metal armour as possible, have rows of studs over their backbone


Led by an old navy soldier, Edward Newgate, the Unrelenting are a small but efficient gang ruling some less desirable boroughs outside of London’s centre and the harbours. These people pride themselves in their guts, never turning their backs to the enemy. Newgate is not interested in expanding his turf until he has secured uncontested rule in his current sphere of influence, but the Lost Boys and some Pilfer cells are still opposing his tyranny.

The Unrelenting have a hierarchy resembling an army, with Captain Newgate standing on the top, followed by Marshall Teach, his right-hand man. They work in cells, partially to avoid needless amounts of casualties due to the unrelenting nature of their creed and partially to organize their movements better. Many members, including Teach, are Newgate’s old comrades from his time in the navy, and the rest are trained by these veterans if they lack the skill but have the attitude and physique required of members of the Unrelenting.

The Unrelenting tax up to a fifth of the earnings of those living under their rule, many of whom were never that rich to begin with. Most of the money goes to infrastructure and armaments. In return, they offer a relatively peaceful environment since members of the Unrelenting are advised not to bother civilians needlessly. They also benefit from many of the improvements to infrastructure although Newgate’s main objective is to secure his base of operations.

Due to his charisma and power, many of the Unrelenting openly worship and imitate Captain Newgate. This includes growing facial hair resembling his characteristic white beard.

The Unrelenting

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