Lost Boys



Big Mum


Rowhill (Aldershot), Farnham


‘Blood bleeds; the Boys dure.’


Chelsea Grin


Multiple ethnicities, often bearing the Chelsea grin on their own faces, sometimes have filed teeth, prefer going topless or using vests without shirts


Despite never having grown beyond its roots outside of Central London, the Lost Boys have actually been around for quite a while. Few remember a time when the shadow of Big Mum did not chill the streets of Rowhill. The enigmatic hag has to be seen in years by most folk but others claim she is still alive and kicking.

The Lost Boys consists of young men ‘adopted’ by Big Mum as a part of her family. They are a ragtag group of immigrants, pariahs and mutants, but the need to survive and their reverence to their ‘mother’ keeps them together. None are known to ever have left the gang alive, although members do sometimes go missing, according to rumours.

The power of the Lost Boys over Rowhill and Farnham is largely based on the alleged occult potency of their leader. Enemies of Big Mum are whispered to meet fates worse than death. On the other hand, the gang members themselves are fanatics capable of coordinating their actions almost as though they were a single entity. While they collect slightly less protection money than most other gangs, the Lost Boys also enforce a strict policy of charity, forcing people to donate extra in goods such as provisions and clothing. Most of these items are used in the recruitment of new members,

Lost Boys

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