Father Duncan Black



Father Duncan oversees the partially ruined but now mostly renovated All Saints’ Church in Farnborough, under the rule of the Unrelenting. He is of Roman birth and holds to many of the traditional tenets of that church despite not sharing their taste for luxury and fervour. Many people without a place to go have found respite in his fatherly care, and some still help the venerable priest with his daily duties.


One does not leave the Roman Empire without having a reason, and while the Romans are quick to chastise others for relatively harmless offences, not all pariahs in the eyes of the Inquisition are as innocent. For many, the loyalty Father Duncan seems to imbue in those who have encountered him is suspicious to say the least. His age is another insinuating factor since few if any live such fulfilled lives without the backing of dark powers. Kultists of Requiem in particular are known for being long-lived and surrounding themselves with servants of a particular sort.

Father Duncan Black

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