Edward Newgate



“Captain” Edward Newgate used to work as a sailor back in the day, and many of his original crew remain with him in the Unrelenting. For his age, he is a very intimidating figure for your average Englishman, standing around 7 feet tall and in peak physical condition. While he has no known occult powers, his greatest strength lies in his ability to organize and motivate people for a cause. The captain keeps true to the credo of his gang and has allegedly never, ever fled from a fight and instead chosen to bear the scars of even the most near-death experiences on his body. He is such an inspiration to his gang that many choose to imitate his impressive white full beard out of respect for him.


Not only has Captain Newgate never escaped from a fight, his back is the only part of his body which remains free of scars. However, he was never an actual captain but rather, a lower ranked officer who became disillusioned with his prospects of ever becoming the supreme leader of his men if he remained under the service of others. Captain Newgate is also said to have escaped death many times but not always with the help of his own guts. Instead, some of his original crew members have occult powers which have helped him live on. The current Edward Newgate might even be nothing but a lump of flesh possessed by some Daemon.

Edward Newgate

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