Niccolo Vanni

A Roman Kultist of the Azure Hyaline whose just trying to survive.



NAME: Niccolo Vanni
ETHOS: Kultist
REGION: Roman Empire
SOCIAL: Infiltrator


KNOWN LANGUAGES: Common, Italian, English, Aramaic

1. Become a Beacon of Righteousness
2. Get respect as a notable healer.
3. To make others understand not all Romans are fanatics.
4. Nervous around Germans

MENTOR CONTRACTS: None as of yet



1-2 Head (1/3) ESS: 6 AR:
3-6 Left Torso (full) ESS: 19 AR: 4
7-10 Right Torso (full) ESS: 19 AR: 4
11-12 Abdomen (full) ESS: 19 AR: 4
13-14 Left Arm (1/2) ESS: 10 AR: 4
15-16 Right Arm (1/2) ESS: 10 AR: 4
17-18 Left Leg (1/2) ESS: 10 AR: 4
19-20 Right Leg (1/2) ESS: 10 AR: 4


- Brawling: 3D
- Melee: 3D
- Projectiles: 3D
- Ride: 3D
- Stealth: 3D
- Thrown Objects: 3D

- Climb: 3D
- Grapple: 3D
- Immunity: 3D
- Lift: 3D
- Movement: 3D
- Stamina: 3D

- Animal Ken: 2D
- Notice: 2D
- Psychoanalysis: 2D
- Search: 2D
- Sensitivity: 2D
- Subterfuge: 4D

- Complex Weapons: 2D
- Construction: 2D
- Drive: 2D
- Sabotage: 2D
- Sail: 2D
- Technology: 2D

- History: 5D*
- Medical: 5D
- Occult: 5D
- Read/Write: 5D
- Science: 5D
- Survival: 5D
- Territory: 5D

- Creativity: 2D
- Intuition: 2D
- Manipulation: 2D
- Memory: 3D
- Mental: 2D
- Restraint: 2D


- Short Sword – 2D + Strength – Block Value 2 – DM: N/A

FIREARMS (Dmg/Range/DM):
- N/A

ARMOUR (Location/Material/Soft-Hard/AR/Mod):
Breastplate – Torso – Boiled Leather – Hard – AR4
Greaves – Legs – Boiled Leather – Hard – AR4
Arm plates – Arms – Boiled Leather – Hard – AR4
Boots – Feet – Leather – Hard – AR2
Gloves – Hands – ?? – Soft – AR 2

- Sewing Kit
- Shoulder Sack
- Hand Chest – To store coins
- Journal
- Jar of Ink and Quill
- Sword Sheath

COIN: 310
EXP: 2

Kultist Information

CIRCLE: Azure Hyaline
WEAKNESS: Kult of Avarice member gain +2 Call against Niccolo.
POWER: Can cleanse tainted marks of other circles at the cost of spirit fragments (Be these from coins, a blade or from their own being). Can be used to remove mind-control convokations for example or even prevent hostile ones. They don’t have to know the convokation being used either. They always have a moment to prevent it however.
- 1:
- 2:
- 3:
- 4:
- 5:
- 6:


- Level 1:
Chant of Saint Accuis – The Kulist lets out a low chant and empowers anyone of his choice for the round. He can move slowly while doing this but cannot make any action that would disrupt his confidence. The empowerment allows the user to roll one extra dice.

Repent Sins – Resting a hand upon the forehead of the chosen and willing person murring a chant. The Kultist either adds one humanity or remove a single point of Hellspring taint or Call. However, this forces a spirit to go into the body and clean the soul. This inflicts 2 essence damage and marks the back of the other with flagellation marks for the rest of the day. These cannot be healed by any means other than waiting.

- Level 2:
Transfixing Chant – The Kultist lets out a low but loud drone that attracts attention to the one he is speaking towards him. This renders them transfixed and looking towards them in a vacant stare. The Kultist also cannot do anything but this chant. The one effected rolls a resist check every round, needing an intuition roll of 15 to break out free. Lasts as long as the Kultist is willing to chant.

Light of Purity – Kultists and Daemons not of the Spiritual Essence and the Azure Hyaline are struck with fear! A Terror rating of 15 is inflicted upon them while they remain in the presence of the Kultist. If a Daemon uses eyes to see, they will be blinded for one turn. Hellspring are also effected like daemons. The light is instant with its pulsing brightness and those who are not affected will feel rather relaxed and soothed.

- Level 3:
Angelic Wings – The kultist gains a pair of wings that appear translucent to those whom look towards him. The Kultist can fly at half his land-speed and also use the wings to wrap around him. This will grant 30 soft armour when he is encases by these wings He cannot do anything when encase. However, he may encase himself quickly to act as a Block action. These wings remain until the convekation is used a second time. While active, if the Kultist is knocked unconscious or rendered disabled in anyway, the body will be lowered towards the ground, preventing fall damage.

- Level 4:
Laying Hands – By cupping the face of the person and uttering a prayer of healing, the Kultist can do one of two things:
One – Restores 3D6 essence and endurance damage
Two – Restore one lost a limb.
The Kultist can uses this on himself.

- Level 5:

- Level 6:

- Arcane Convokations:



Height: 5’ 7"
Weight: 144lbs (10 stone)
Age: 34 (Looks older due to stress)
Hair colour: Faded black
Eye colour: Crystalline Blue(Azure)
Notable features: Thick stubble
Faceclaim image: Huge Laurie

A devout man, often silent but often tries to be the voice of reason and calm. While hardly a violent man, he knows how to fight and will not shy away from combat if it is needed. He is loyal and tends not to judge those without faith or morals are corrupt in his eyes. He leads by example and is more of a follower than a leader. It is hard to anger him too.

- Has a habit of calling everyone ‘Brothers’.


Born in 2267 in the South of the Roman Empire, Niccolo Vanni was born into a family of administrators of the Church. While their faith was quite laxed compared to other zealots nearer the capital, they were still devout. While Niccolo was raised and educated in such a manner, his parents position allowed him to read and learn more than what was taught in school.

It was in his early teen years he met and befriended a Greek Kultist of the Azure Hyaline. He had come to inspect the church and seek out potential Kultists. Quickly learning of Niccolo’s knowledge as well his parents position in the church, he taught Niccolo the basics of being a Kultist and how they worked. Attending school and learn from a Kultist was hard work but he quickly grasped the basics and saw how his own faith reflected that of the Azure Hyaline. For many of his younger years he had questioned some of the teachings of the church and found answers with the Azure Hyaline.

However, upon reaching 16 years old in 2283, he was expected to enlist in the Roman Army. There hadn’t been any conflict with the Germans for many years but demonic creatures still roamed the boarders. He was unaware of the outside worries of the Box of Under and the emergence of something in Spain. Niccolo trained in the South of Italy with many others whom had enlisted that year. While he preformed well enough, it was nothing to his more intellectual side. Still interested in the Kult of the Azure Hyaline though, he kept some studies up from his Greek mentor.

After a year of training, Niccolo was sent North to take part in patrols. Not much happened for the next 6 years. Niccolo stored his pay and halted his studies while he worked on the front-line. His skill with a sword grew and he fought quite a daemons. Not the strongest of his group, he was capable of following orders and pretty effective in combat. Of course, in secret he may of converted some of his dead spirit fragments into coins to practice in private.

It was 2290 at the age of 23 when Niccolo Vanni had done his service and went to stay outside the ruins of Venice where the church barely had any authority and where the dead were plentiful. Hard to tell if it was those which lurked in the deep or just bandits, so it was a great boon for Niccolo to practice and work his Kultist ways here. The church didn’t stay away for too long though and after a few years, the abbot soon noticed him.

Thankfully, he was willing to take Good Work in charge of his sins of being a Kultist. Niccolo paid for a year free of work and then served a year in the army again, mainly in administrative position though he took the time to work on his sword and fitness seeing as it’s hard to unlearn what the army had trained him to do. After these two years had past, entering his 30th year in 2297 was when it went down hill.

Due to the Chancellor Haight’s rumours of becoming the Pope, the church was victim to reshuffling and those who were close to Haight or likely close to those whom he favoured, started to get into positions. One of these Haight supports took the position of Abbot near where Niccolo lived. This was a man who was more morally corrupt who demanded death or work for those who sinned and further more, sought the death of Kultists not in the Spiritual Essence.

It was the next year that Pope Haight became real. Unable and unsure to stay, Niccolo knew he would have to leave. There was a change which his gut told him. Cornered, he decided to flee into Europe and get away from the Empire. Taking what he could, mainly his sword and journal, he made his way towards France. It took time once he crossed the border, making his way northward to England for he had heard many people lived there of all groups. There had to be protection there. No doubt, given the records of him the church had, they knew he was a Kultist and would hunt him down given his knowledge of the administrative system and the army.

It was the beginning of 2299 that he managed to get to the port of Dover. Progressively, he worked and walked his way towards London. With little possessions and money to his name, the Kultist is in London to learn and help anyway he can, luckily befriending a odd-creature named a Hellspring as well as an odd man named Duncan Black. Just what will be in store for the Kultist?

Niccolo Vanni

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