The most striking features of this tall young man with raven hair are his cold blue eyes, the look on which mirrors the glow of distant stars.


NAME: Bartholomew
ETHOS: Hellspring
REGION: England
SOCIAL: Protector


KNOWN LANGUAGES: English, Common
Glyph Knowledge: -

1. Make the World a Home for People.
2. Avenge and Right Wrongs.
3. Master Oneself.
4. Appreciates Art.

-Secret Society 1 (1 Luck point per Chapter): Father Duncan Black


1-2 Head (1/3) ESS: 9/9 AR:
3-6 Left Torso (full) ESS: 29/29 AR: 7 Hard (4 Soft back)
7-10 Right Torso (full) ESS: 29/29 AR: 7 Hard (4 Soft back)
11-12 Abdomen (full) ESS: 29/29 AR: 7 Hard (4 Soft back)
13-14 Left Arm (1/2) ESS: 14/14 AR: (2 Hard hands)
15-16 Right Arm (1/2) ESS: 14/14 AR: (2 Hard hands)
17-18 Left Leg (1/2) ESS: 14/14 AR: (6 Hard feet; 4 Soft back)
19-20 Right Leg (1/2) ESS: 14/14 AR: (6 Hard feet; 4 Soft back)


- Brawling: 5D
- Melee: 5D
- Projectiles: 4D
- Ride: 4D
- Stealth: 4D
- Thrown Objects: 4D

- Climb: 6D
- Grapple: 6D
- Immunity: 8D
- Lift: 6D
- Movement: 6D
- Stamina: 6D

- Animal Ken: 2D
- Notice: 2D
- Psychoanalysis: 2D
- Search: 2D
- Sensitivity: 2D
- Subterfuge: 2D

- Complex Weapons: 2D
- Construction: 2D
- Drive: 2D
- Sabotage: 2D
- Sail: 2D
- Technology: 2D

- History: 2D
- Medical: 2D
- Occult: 2D
- Read/Write: 2D
- Science: 2D
- Survival: 2D
- Territory: 3D

- Creativity: 2D
- Intuition: 2D
- Manipulation: 2D
- Memory: 2D
- Mental: 2D
- Restraint: 2D

- Long blade 2d6+STR/6/0
- Short sword 1d8+STR/2/0
- Axe 1D10+STR/2/1
- Rod 1D10+STR/6/0

FIREARMS (Dmg/Range/DM):
- Handcannon (Single; 6; 10 bullets; 1 turn) 1D12/600ft./0

ARMOUR (Location/Material/Soft-Hard/AR/Mod):
- Kevlar Breastplate (Chest/Hard/7/1 Weight)
- Metallic Weave Cloak (Cape/Soft/4/NA)
- Hardened Boots (Feet/Hard/6/NA)
- Gauntlets (Hands/Hard/2/NA)

- Journal
- Med Kit
- 2 sheaths (one for long blade, other for short sword)
- Nasal filters

COIN: 120


CIRCLE: Azure Hyaline
SUSTENANCE PLEASURE: Help those that are Suffering.

- Coloured Eyes
- Efficiency: Does not need to sleep, other than to heal.

- Life After Death: Will return to life with 1 essence after one Segment unless dealt damage equal to twice their essence rating or burned.
- Telepathic Communication: May communicate mentally with any willing subject seen within the last 24h. Unwilling subjects can break this connection.
- Collateral: Intuitively knows the location of any severed personal body parts at least the size of a toe.

- Repent the Sin: A willing subject may accept losing 2 essence in order to have their Humanity restored by one, their Taint score reduced by one, or their Call reduced by one.
- Eyes of Heaven: Sees both the physical and the spiritual realm simultaneously for one full round. Spirits are able to identify the user as someone who perceives them.


Bartholomew was born, as far as Lucy DuBois, Madame of a brothel half conquered by damp and pox knew, on the third of October, at around 11:30 am, on a particularly rainy day. As to what a Hellspring child was doing on the doorstep of the rear entrance of a brothel half buried by filth, she never cared to ask. After checking with her girls who might have known a pregnant girl, she sent the babe on to the local orphanage, and paid it little mind for seven years, till a young boy with eerily familiar eyes turned up with a broken leg outside. Runways being a common problem, she sent him back, only for the boy to return a month later, with a black eye and a bloodied fist, and a half dozen children with him. After a few questions, it was decided that the orphanage was probably not the best place to send children; later rumors of abuse, paedophilia, murder and worse began to grow in regards to West Hill Orphanage, though Bartholomew never suffered worse than a broken leg.
The DuBois brothel however, would not long remain a safe haven. A turf battle between two gangs broke out, and soon the brothel was overtaken in the conflict, set ablaze by a wild molotov. After that, the slums became the home of DuBois and the children, though Bartholomew was separated from them and presumed dead.
Bartholomew spent the next ten years routinely fighting brutes and thugs for coin and defence. During this time, Bartholomew went nameless, simply called ‘17’ by the majority of people; the name had been his identification by the orphanage. As time passed, he grew stronger, faster, tougher.
Soon, he began to win more than he lost.
As he grew, he became a fist for hire, earning coin that, for some reason, soon began to trickle through to the poor, broken and desperate. While known for being a bruiser and a fighter, he soon garnered attention for his charity, and his tendency to act as a guardian for his area, fighting criminals and helping out as he could. Armed and dangerous, as cliché as that sounds, the young man found a new calling in defending the helpless, and putting down the rabid animals that infested the world.
He received his name at age eighteen, when he first entered the local church, newly built from the ruins of an abandoned warehouse. There, he met Father Duncan Black, a man half-blind from age, and a collector of ancient knowledge, including the holy texts of the Old World. Helping to set up the church, and aiding in defending it from local gangs, he and Father Black soon became close friends, Black becoming a father figure, and naming him for one of the twelve apostles.
Bartholomew, while known for his benevolence and willingness to aid others, soon became known for a black temper and cold fury when roused.
When a lesser gang began raping and murdering up and down the area, Bartholomew hunted them down and killed them, quoting Isiah; “Your nakedness will be exposed and your shame uncovered. I will take vengeance; I will spare no one.”
Arming himself with the proceeds of his work, he devoted himself to his tasks, hunting and executing those gang members who had escaped. Black, who feared for the soul of his adoptive son eventually calmed the raging man, and guided him, and aiding him in achieving peace within himself.
Since those dark times of bloodshed prior to his chastisement, for which he is deeply ashamed, having abandoned his very nature and beliefs, both as a man and an Azure Hyaline, he has devoted himself to being the protector of the needy and unfortunate, and becoming an avenger against evil when the need is great. If he cannot convince a person to repent, to choose to be a better person, he will leave them be, so long as they are not evil, such as those poor souls who turn to drugs and temporary fixes for their pain, though he helps them as he can.
But those who he knows to be wicked and evil, who cannot be redeemed, or have passed even that final threshold of hope and forgiveness; he destroys, quickly and cleanly.
Recently, he rediscovered Lucy DuBois, and his old friends from the orphanage and brothel, moving them to the church neighbourhood, which has steadily increased in safety and purity over the years, and is protected now by others, as well as him.
Lately, Bartholomew has felt the need to explore more of London, and has begun to travel, hunting down the corrupt and wicked as to better protect the helpless innocents of London, alongside whom he grew up suffering with.

• Bartholomew is a friendly if somewhat reserved man, whose laughter and voice is quiet, though he sings loudly.
• His favourite colour is blue, though he only owns one blue item; a scarf.
• His longsword has a cloth wrapped round the hilt bearing platitudes and proverbs relating to justice and vengeance.
• He has a passion for poetry; while he lacks any great skill in it, he loves writing it.
• He enjoys singing, though how good he sounds is up to debate.
• He will help anyone in need, though he has limits; he is hardly likely to go breaking and entering to get someone their fix. Most often he will do manual labour or offer protection.
• He cannot abide alcohol, though he has no problems with others drinking it in moderation.
• He will quote a verse from the Bible prior to battles, and often offers prayers for luck and favour.
• Despite his faith, he is no zealot or missionary. He simply believes, and does not influence others for or against, except for when he feels the situation calls for it, such as when someone feels that they are unloved or lack purpose.
• While he despises criminals, he is open-minded as to those who are forced into crime. Gang members tend to fall into two categories in his mind; evildoers, and those doing it for food/work/protecting their homes.


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